Family Ties, Knots, And Other Such Stuff....

My sister asked me to do a few pics for her, my neice Kayleigh, and boyfriend Shawn, and how could I say no? So I shot them in my basement, and the pics turned out great. Here's a look....

My neice is such a photogenic kid, but not much for posing, so I told her to just be crazy and this is what I got......

Did I mention that this wonderful family is now being "officially" blended? Shannon and Shawn are now officially engaged, and I couldn't be happier for them, and for Kayleigh. What a beautiful family!
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Congrats Physiotherapy Grads!

We got the opportunity to have a lot of fun with this shoot - set up our backdrop, and take a bunch of formal photos for the 2010 U of A Physiotherapy Grad. It was a lot of fun, we learned a ton, got some great exposure, and got to shoot a bunch of gorgeous grads! Really, there was not a bad looking one in the bunch! Here's a few of our best..... Thanks again Kylie for having faith in us!

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First Loves......

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New Beginnings....

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A Black & White Affair......

We were fortunate enough this August to be able to "get our feet wet" with photographing weddings. Isaac's sister Jenifer and her husband Dion tied the knot on August 15th, and we were there to capture all of it!

Walking on to the dance floor for the first dance as husband & wife

The cake topper was so neat! Jenny was glad to get this pic as it broke shortly after....

Two of the cutest flower girls ever! (OK, maybe I'm just a teensy bit biased, the blonde is my daughter after all, and the brunette my neice...)

Cake cutting Newfie style, Dion?

Jen & Dion, you guys are a beautiful couple, and we are so glad to see you so happy. You had a beautiful day, and here's to more beautiful ones to come!

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Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy...

...He's so damned cute I don't know how I couldn't, a million times! Maybe I'm biased, but I think my son Ethan is one of the most beautiful newborns I've ever seen, right from the top of his red head to his wrinkly little toes. I realized time is slipping away, as it does faster and faster with each baby it seems, and I wanted to get some newborn pictures done before he's too big to look "newborn" anymore. Lareina offered to do the shoot for me, because really, I think, Auntie Reina was just looking for an excuse to snuggle my fusser! Her pictures are gonna make mine look like they were taken on a Polaroid, I'm sure, but it was a blast just to be able to shoot alongside her.

Getting prepped for the basket pics - he peed on her backdrop! So I gave her one of my stinky garbage bags to take it home in. I'll buy you some laundry soap, Reina.

Startle reflex! I love this, one of the few things about the newborn stage I'll miss!

I never realized how red his hair truly is until we sat him on the white background!

He was not a fan of this sheepskin, the fuzz kept sticking to his toes, lol

I tried to get naked shots, but all mine turned out blurry. *whine*

And of course, the Bug HAD to be in some of the pictures.

Thanks for a fun afternoon and some great practice, Lareina!

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Baby Malcolm B.

On the 29th very, very good friends of ours welcomed their 3rd baby. A little boy 8lbs 3oz and 18.5 inches long. Congratulations to Phil and Stacy on your new arrival, we hope everything is as great with Malcolm as it has been with both the other two.

Proud daddy

No matter what I did I could not get big brother Garrett to look up

Big sister Katjana
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