Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy...

...He's so damned cute I don't know how I couldn't, a million times! Maybe I'm biased, but I think my son Ethan is one of the most beautiful newborns I've ever seen, right from the top of his red head to his wrinkly little toes. I realized time is slipping away, as it does faster and faster with each baby it seems, and I wanted to get some newborn pictures done before he's too big to look "newborn" anymore. Lareina offered to do the shoot for me, because really, I think, Auntie Reina was just looking for an excuse to snuggle my fusser! Her pictures are gonna make mine look like they were taken on a Polaroid, I'm sure, but it was a blast just to be able to shoot alongside her.

Getting prepped for the basket pics - he peed on her backdrop! So I gave her one of my stinky garbage bags to take it home in. I'll buy you some laundry soap, Reina.

Startle reflex! I love this, one of the few things about the newborn stage I'll miss!

I never realized how red his hair truly is until we sat him on the white background!

He was not a fan of this sheepskin, the fuzz kept sticking to his toes, lol

I tried to get naked shots, but all mine turned out blurry. *whine*

And of course, the Bug HAD to be in some of the pictures.

Thanks for a fun afternoon and some great practice, Lareina!

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