POOK shoot

While we were out finishing our Christmas shopping at West Edmonton mall, we went to the POOK kiosk to see what they had. Low and behold who happened to be there but Tony Pook himself, the inventor of the POOK TOQUE and other POOK accessories. Some of you may remember him from the CBC show DRAGON'S DEN. They were on season 4 episode 11. You can watch the episode at the following link:

While we were talking to him we happened to mention that we were starting to break into the professional photography world and if he needed any photos taken then to give us a call. What happened next made me and Jenn almost go speechless. He hired us on the spot to take photos of his new store that he had just opened in Edmonton's City Center mall. We took the job and here is some of what we gave him.

It was interesting doing commercial photography for the first time. Isaac took the pictures and Jenn directed the shoot, and we think everything turned out pretty well. Another feather in the cap for Fire & Ice!

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