R.I.P Fort Hotel

Well, at 2:30pm today I was out for a walk with two of my monkeys when I get a message from a friend of mine. He informed me that the historical Fort Hotel was on fire and burning down. As me, Sydney and Jacob were out and still about 4 blocks away from the house, I asked him to make sure and let me know because if it was, I was going down to get some pics. He never got back to me, so I just went down as soon as I got home from the walk.

Now for those of you that don't live here or just don't know what hotel I am talking about, I will tell you. The Fort Hotel is one of two hotels in the downtown core of Fort Saskatchewan, and it is the oldest hotel in Fort Saskatchewan. It was originally built in 1890 and was called the Queen’s Hotel. In 1913 it burnt down as it was only built of wood. The hotel was rebuilt out of brick and back open for business later that year. The name was changed to the Fort Hotel in 1933 as has been that way ever since.

When I was 19 and me and Jenn (my wife) had just gotten together, I started to work there as a doorman/security. As well, I remember going there and attending many a party after work at my current job.

The Fort Hotel will be missed by the entire community.

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